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The 10 start-ups @Impact World Award

Who's gonna pitch tonight?

If you still have no idea what the Impact World Award is about, you can read this :)


Who is pitching tonight?

1) Givo - An all-in-one social media platform that charities can use to reach their donors and receive donations on.

➼The social issue they target: Currently, there is no all-in-one platform for donors and charities to easily engage with each other, especially in the digital age. This means the loss of many potential donations, continuous fundraising challenges for charities with limited resources for social media marketing, and many more gaps in the giving process.

➼Their solution: We are shaking up the world of giving by providing an online platform where donors can read about charity news and inspiring stories, donate, and leverage on peer-influence by sharing through our app to their friends and family on multiple social media channels.

➼Their ambition: We believe that, together, we can all collectively use social media to raise global donations, charity engagement, and do good with our convenient, secure, and fun platform.

➼Their need: We are looking for investors to expand our marketing and content teams. We are also looking for corporate, CSR, and charity partners who believe in our vision and want to form a strategic partnership and deliver social impact together.

2) HelperChoice - Their platform connects employers with domestic workers so they can get to know each other before signing an employment contract. It is cheap and efficient for employers who can browse among thousands of profiles, it is 100% free for helpers, avoiding the usual and illegal placement fees which are still too common in Hong Kong and elsewhere.

➼The social issue they target: The modern-day slavery and exploitation of migrant domestic workers, which remains a major issue in Hong Kong, other parts of Asia, and the Middle East.

➼Their solution: HelperChoice is a global platform that helps domestic workers and employers to connect online and conduct mutual interviews. This model gives far greater balance to the recruitment process and is free for domestic workers.

➼Their ambition: To play a leading role in eradicating the unethical practices rampant in the hiring chain – with an initial focus on Asia and the Middle East and an increased presence in other parts of the world.

➼Their need: To accelerate our growth and impact, we need funding and sponsors, talents to join our team, greater public awareness about the issues we are trying to overcome, and laws protecting migrant domestic workers.

3) Aesir - Aesir designs AR & VR Games to gamify the traditional training process for Special Education Needs Students.

➼The social issue they target: the lack of Special Needs Education support

➼Their solution: Aesir designs AR & VR Games to gamify the traditional training process for Special Education Needs Students

➼Their ambition: Advance therapeutic practice around the world and be the top choice of Therapeutic-Tech for Schools, Clinics and Rehabilitation centre.

➼Their need: 1/overseas distributors (in particular EU, AU & USA). 2/Angel round of Investor with less than 20% of our equity for 1M up investment amount to perform dollar to dollar matching fund under Government Matching fund scheme to expand their product range and increase sales force.

4) Easycare - Easycare connects healthcare information from device, caregivers and medical records with a marketplace and offline devices and showroom.

➼The social issue they target: Elderly are reluctant to live at elderly home but lack of real-time monitor / analytics, alternative consultation, etc

➼Their solution: Easycare provides users with one-stop elderly health-care services with qualified caregivers available at door, IOT devices with real-time and big-data analytics, together with emergency contact and care consultation via APP.

➼Their ambition: To be no 1 Asia Elderly home-care provider with qualified care services at door, online care consultation, emergency contact & health-care analytics and big data analytics with SMART IOT.

➼Their need: funding.

5) Chears Technology - Intelligent hearing aid app; your smartphone becomes your hearing aid!

➼The social issue they target: Chears 樂聽 aims to facilitate a seamless communication between hearing impaired people and the rest of the world.

➼Their solution: By changing the hearing aid in an affordable, fashionable and innovative way, they developed an intelligent hearing aid based on smartphone and headset to help hearing impaired people get a better hearing experience.

➼Their ambition: "We Cheer People to Hear!" Their objective within 5 years is that 10% of the hearing impaired people around the world use CHEARS Intelligent Hearing Aid!

➼Their need: They need more funds to manufacture the Bluetooth hardware and need some support in sales & marketing!


6) NO/W - The platform NO/W [no-waste] is selling sustainable products to reduce the waste that we produce every day in our daily lifestyle.

➼The social issue they target: We, as humans, are producing way too much waste: around 390 kg per person per year, and most of it is not recyclable.

➼Their solution: NO/W is proposing sustainable products for a zero waste lifestyle. So practically, everything that you throw away in your daily life, for example in your bathroom, kitchen or even outdoor (plastic razor, water bottle, tampons, shower gel, etc.), we find you an eco - quality - plastic-free alternative for you to reduce your waste. And you know what? It’s even cheaper than what you used to buy!

➼Their ambition: Give people an alternative to all their daily life products to significantly reduce the amount of waste the world produces!

➼Their need: Find more zero waste products to add to the platform and people to spread the word!

7) Swapit - Swapit is a mobile marketplace app to trade second hand and new items with people nearby in real-time.

➼The social issue they target: It's hard for people to find someone to hand their second hand stuff to - even for free. So they rather throw it away and create unnecessary waste.

➼Their solution: Swapit is a mobile marketplace app to trade second hand and new items with people nearby in real-time.

➼They reduce waste by providing an easy to way to re-use and upcycle existing products, reduce capital requirement at low-income families and reduce traveling / transport required for transporting goods.

➼Their need: Swapit currently has 145,000 users and is raising US$1M

8) The Brightly Project - A platform where teens can privately ask anything about their mental health and get support and advice through a video response from positive role models.

➼The social issue they target: Teens feeling lost, uncertain, and alone because they don’t know what to do about their situation. They are afraid of being judged, worry they are the only ones who don’t know what to do, and feel like they have no one they can turn to for support and advice.

➼Their solution: A platform where every question any teen has will be answered by a trusted, caring professional within 24 hours.

➼Their ambition: Every teen to feel they have someone who cares, to have their concerns and uncertainties heard — no teen ever has to feel as if they are facing the world alone.

➼Their need: To find all the people who care about and want to help teens so that we can build our network of trusted, caring professionals.

9) uHoo

uhoo.air - Indoor air quality sensor that provides people with information to empower them to create healthier homes and offices and at the same time save energy.

➼The social issue they target: indoor air quality.

➼Their solution: uHoo uses data on indoor air quality to bring health, safety and energy savings in commercial and residential spaces.

➼Their ambition: We envision uHoo to be the standard for indoor air quality measurement and create healthier indoor spaces. With healthier indoor spaces, we would be able to make people healthier and buildings more energy efficient, thus also reducing its carbon footprint. We want to get rid of air pollution indoors and outdoors.

➼Their need: Funding for growth and corporate clients

10) Livin Farms - Livin Farms is commercializing delicious and healthy protein products produced by scalable, „climate-smart“ insect rearing technology.

➼ Insects are extremely efficient at transforming low-value feed into high energy protein and nutrients. This is of large value due to the rapid increase in global protein demand.

➼Their solution: Livin Farms is commercializing delicious and healthy protein products
produced by scalable,„climate-smart“ insect rearing technology to support food safety and agri-entrepreneurship. First product is Hive™Home,a tabletop insect farm.We also just shipped a food product, roasted mealworms and started an online platform with unique content to support our customers to start a food revolution out of their kitchens!

➼Their ambition: Livin Farms is setting an industry standard for the edible insect sector and the sustainable food production sector at large. We are the only ones offering both rearing technology and food product,opening multiple market segments to our brand-aware customers.

➼Their need: They are looking for a late seed / pre-series A investment as well as strategic partners.


Who is the jury?

Olivier Cotard

Olivier Cotard is an entrepreneur and an operations and business development executive. He is the founder of 3C Ventures, a boutique strategy and operations consulting firm based in Hong Kong. For the past 20 years, he has managed companies, projects and factories in Asia, Europe and the United States. His experience ranges from start-up businesses to multinational corporations.

Passionate about technology-enabled disruptive innovation, Olivier contributes to the development and funding of innovative projects and companies.

Ines Gafsi

Originally from France, Ines has a strategic and operational experience in luxury goods and F&B industries: brand-building, digital marketing, website development, eCommerce, public relations and strategic partnerships. She has a keen eye for curating stories and best representing brands.

Combining her love of technology, her interest in business, and her passion for women empowerment, Ines co-founded Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide to unleash startups full potential with meaningful connections.

Eureka Tuet

Eureka TUET is currently working as Manager of HKCSS – HSBC Social Enterprise Business Centre (SEBC).

Driven by a strong sense of business and understanding of social needs, Eureka devotes in boosting the sector development and social innovation. She masterminds broad-spectrum capacity building programmes for NGOs and social enterprises from pragmatic skills of business operations to strategic movement of social innovation.

To provide a holistic support to the Sector, Eureka engaged in launching the first-in-town DBS Social Enterprise Advancement Grant, which assists operating social enterprises to scale up their businesses and enhance their social impact.

Samar Shaheryar

Samar Shaheryar is the Co-Founder of Baby Hero, a Hong-Kong based ethical children's clothing company dedicated to reducing infant mortality while maintaining a sustainable supply chain.

After studying International Relations at Tufts University, Samar was an investment banker at JPMorgan for 10 years in New York City. Concurrent to her job, she co-founded and ran the youth arm of the charity Developments in Literacy, which educates girls in Pakistan. In Japan and Hong Kong she founded Tokyo Helps and Hong Kong Helps, fundraising organizations dedicated to raising money for emergency disaster relief. She is a passionate entrepreneur, interested in finding business solutions to the world's most pressing social problems, especially those affecting marginalized populations.

Now feel free to grab a glass of Luibao's wine ;)

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