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    You are a young entrepreneur specialized in social-tech or green-tech in Hong Kong? You need a helping hand to get more things done? You want to connect with more partners? Test your prototype? Reach more customers? Showcase your products?

  • Our Programme

    So In So Good is a free 6-month incubation programme based in Hong Kong that harnesses the power of technology solutions addressing social and environmental issues. So In So Good enables talented entrepreneurs to grow and amplify their impact through:

    Classes & Workshops

    Tailored classes and workshops to acquire the skills you need


    One-on-one mentorship to get guidance and feedback

    Social Impact

    Comprehensive social impact evaluation (CDI Ratings)

    Networking & Events

    Access to global and local networks and events for increased exposure

    Office Space

    Free co-working space for you and your team


    International Network

    Become part of a network of 20 incubators across 19 countries


  • Is So In So Good made for you ?

    We support early-stage startups developing a technology product or service to tackle a social / environmental issue. This programme is made for you if all three elements below apply to your startup.

    Early-stage startup
    Your team moved beyond the idea phase, engaged / is in the process of engaging with potential customers to build a Minimum Viable Product which, ideally, already has some traction to prove your business model's sustainability.

    Technology-based solution
    You are developing / using / offering a technology-based product or service: software, app, online platform, cloud-based solution, hardware, wearable, IoT solution etc.

    Social / Environmental Impact
    Your startup aims at creating a positive impact on society and / or the environment by serving / empowering an underserved area and / or population, saving natural resources, improving healthcare or education etc.

  • Our incubatees

    Batch #2

    For “Cardiac Arrest Protection”

    Capheart develops an AED location services and a rescuing network to raise public awareness on sudden cardiac arrest in HK, and to create a safe community, saving invaluable lives.

    Neuro-Rehabilitation Expert

    Zunosaki is solving the problem that stroke patients are facing right now - lack of training, lack of therapists, long waiting time, high costs and inconvenience. They use robotics and ICT to allow patients to train more at home and thus speed up the recovery.

    Providing Flexible Working Opportunity

    GoGENIE wants to make hiring temporary workers easy through its mobile app. It aims to help the 2.1 million low income groups of Hong Kong earn an extra income through temporary and part time jobs.

    Improve home life for elderly and disabled persons

    Moni Studio designs innovative furnitures dedicated to elderly and disabled persons who have difficulties moving and using toilet at home.

    Your Brand New Brain Training Experience

    Mindvivid focuses on developing brain assessment programs and brain capability training games as dementia prevention solutions.

    A revolutionary tremor-stabilising exoskeleton

    MedEXO is developing wearable robotic devices that can suppress people suffering from Parkinson's hand tremor.

    Build a barrier-free society through mobile technology

    iSEE's goal is to break through social barriers, provide services and opportunities through information technology to facilitate equal social participation of the visually impaired.

  • Batch #1

    'We Cheer People to Hear!'

    Chears Technology turns your smartphone and regular earphones into a hearing aid. It aims at improving the communication between hearing-impaired people and the hearing society. It is EASY to use, FREE today and EFFICIENT!

    Empower seniors to bathe safely and independently

    Sit and Shower aims to prevent a premature loss of independence by tackling falls in the bathroom. This safer, more independent bathing solution comes as a seated wheelchair that can transform your regular toilet into a "surround" seated, shower unit with everything safely in reach!

    Tackle the food waste issue in Hong Kong

    FoodCycle+'s mission is to raise awareness on food waste and reduce it in Hong Kong through their sustainable farming and upcycling activities. By using an advanced biotechnology, they convert food waste into compost, animal feed and edible mushrooms.

    “Equalizing learning opportunity”

    MyDrCoach develops a low cost and easily accessible solution for the hectic homework in primary school. Through an online app, the student sends a picture of the homework to MyDrCoach and within a few minutes, they match the student with a teacher ready to help.

    The most advanced indoor air toxin sensor

    uHoo is a platform that provides people with real-time information and personalized insights on the air they breathe to help them save energy and create healthier indoor spaces.

    Improving the daily life of deaf people


    Talk-Now developed smart gloves that translate sign language into text and speech in real-time. The product uses sensors to capture hand movements and recognise the meaning. Then, the data is transferred to the smartphone into text and speech.

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