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    SO IN SO GOOD is part of Impact Network, a global network

    of social & green incubators in 12 different countries.


    FREE OF CHARGE & ZERO EQUITY TAKEN for the lucky 6 selected start-ups.

    First batch So In So Good

    First batch started in October 2016.

    Check them out here!

  • "Before we met you guys, we didn’t know how to find our first customers..."


    Why you should apply...

    Go Global with So In So Good


    Go Global!

    With our global network of incubators


    You will be part of Impact Network, our global network of social & green incubators present in 12 countries. This allows you to:

    • Network with our 500+ social entrepreneurs from San Francisco, Paris, Cape Town, Casablanca... They might tackle the same issues as you!
    • Exchange program: You always dreamed of launching your product in Tel Aviv or Paris? We will provide you with a 30,000HKD sponsorship to spend one month in one of our network's incubator so you can study the market!
    Fix your problems with our mentors


    Accelerate your business in HK!

    With our network of mentors & professionals


    • Meet an experienced entrepreneur: You need to improve your SEO but don't know how? Or you lack experience in sales? We organise one-to-one sessions between you and an expert so he/she can give you tailored advice you can implement right away!
    • Meet the right people: You need to contact specialized NGOs or start manufacturing your prototype but don't know how to start? We will make you meet the right persons that will unlock everything!
  • We helped them grow

    MicroDON is incubated in our Paris' Social Good Lab. MicroDON makes charitable donations easy by rounding up to the nearest euro at store checkouts and on employees’ payrolls. In 2015, MicroDON partnered with over 60 big firms and brought in over 1M€, redistributed to more than 350 organisations.

    We helped them grow

    Jean Moreau, Founder of Phénix, a web platform that connects people who have waste products with people who can give them a second life:

    “ The investment and support of CDI Investment Fund were necessary to grow, scale-up, and realize our ambition development plan in France. We are really glad to have on our side a team of finance experts, who also pays attention to our social impact and its measurement. ”

    We helped them grow

    Our Tarmac TX incubation programme in Austin enabled Half Helen to test in Mexico its innovative and affordable method to detect early hearing and eyesight deficiency on schoolkids. They already prevented one kid from losing eyesight forever.

    We helped them grow

    Lucas Quinonero, CEO of Teedji, a mobile app for carsharing incubated in Tarmac San Francisco:

    « In 3 months only, Tarmac SF allowed us to prepare our launch on the French and American markets, to win a prestigious Best mobile app award, to raise $ 10,000 and to pitch in front of the Executive Committee of Microsoft ! »


    We design the programme according to your needs & expectations.

    First of all, we analyze thoroughly which issues you are facing

    and which skills or experience your team may be lacking.


    Then we select the most appropriate professionals and mentors

    in our network to help you.


    FREE OF CHARGE & ZERO EQUITY TAKEN for the lucky 6 selected start-ups.

    Fill up a short form by clicking on the button above.


    We will contact you shortly.

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    Free legal assistance & consulting services

    Free legal assistance & consulting services

    Join a community of social entrepreneurs

    Join a community of social entrepreneurs

    Raise funds

    Raise funds

    Coworking space @Science Park

    Coworking space

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